Our USP is our ability to provide customized, holistic wellness services to our clients under one roof – be it weight management solutions, laser hair reduction treatment, skin & hair care, therapeutic & relaxation massages or regular salon services. Our trained therapists use genuine quality products, advanced technology and safe & scientific techniques to deliver consistent results for our clients. We give wings to your dreams!


BRICS Alliance Business Forum

The BRICS Alliance Business Forum is dedicated to the enhancement of economic cooperation and strengthening of trade and investment ties among the BRICS Countries and 30+ Partner Countries. The Forum provides a supportive framework to the business communities of the BRICS Countries and Partner Countries to advance dialogue and explore Economic Opportunities through strategic partnerships for an innovative, collaborative and sustainable Global Economy.



Pageants globally are a strong platform to exchange culture heritage and art forms between nations. Each country expresses its culture through its Representative and is a global opportunity to voice its core values and beliefs. “Walk for Respect” is deeply integrated into the fabric of the Pageant, wherein we highlight Respect for environment,gender,colour,differently abled, and underprivileged and how they can be supported to become independent and empowered. The Participants are from BRICS Countries and 30+ Partner Countries.


Celebrate Life has Launched the Celebrate Life Academy to deliver a range of courses on Skill development to empower men and women to be able to get into jobs needing specific skills or want to be self-employed. Apart from the Skill Development, every course is enriched with soft skills training and micro entrepreneurship support.

Celebrate Life Academy aims to be one of the country's leading Training and placement centers for providing skilled employable talent for various industries by delivering high quality content that is fun, interactive and rewarding for candidates